7 thoughts on “Plain packaging laws undermine intellectual property”

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    And intellectual property undermines property rights…

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    I disagree with the assertion that the problem here is violation of intelectual property rights, this is about actual property rights. I will start by setting out that as a libertarian (were I born sometime in the past I would have called myself a liberal, however that seems to mean socialist these days) who believes in natural rights I am against the state granting of monopoly that intelectual property is – I also dislike the misuse of the term ‘rights’ to describe them.

    For the state to forbid the inclusion of branding on the packaging of their cigarettes is to violate their basic and natural right to use their property in anyway they see fit (consistent with not infringing on the rights of others of course) – this is almost by definition a violation of property rights. It is also questionable whether this represents a violation of intelectual property ‘rights’ since they will retain exclusive entitlement to use their branding – though it is very difficult to make a logical argument on what is and isn’t IP given that it is entirely artificial and has no origin in natural rights.

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    i don’t see why governments should intervene in the marketing or branding of tobacco companies. where will all this lead to? will we have plain food packaging? all drive the same cars? wear the same clothes? not that i support smoking, i just don’t like governments acting like that. have you heard of the case in belgium where the governm. leaked information on ingredients (WRONG infromation) of british american tobacco, which of course had a really negative influence on the firm? and nothing has been done to solve this! i must say that i am a little afraid of things that are happening…

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    One thing is for certain – Labour will be thrown out of Govt for another Prime example of Nanny State Regulation !

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    yes, it is definetely time for a change of the people in the government! also to keep belgium an interesting place for foreign investment.. we do need that right now.

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    “As many have warned in the past, freedom is unlikely to be lost all at once and openly. It is far more likely to be eroded away, bit by bit, amid glittering promises and expressions of noble ideals.”
    (Thomas Sowell, 1999)

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    I don’t think this is a good move, its making every cigarette manufacturer even richer! Its like the advertising rules, now they dont have to spend multi millions on marketing campaigns, but puts every one on the same starting lineup! It defeats the purpose!

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