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    To be fair, the tax is efficient for society as a whole and not just for politicians if the target has a low elasticity of demand. However, we could start by imposing VAT on all food. We might need fewer government campaigns against waste if we did that too.

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    If the ‘fat taxes’ are onerous enough, they will have the desired effect by initiating an ‘epidemic’ of undernutrition. The alleged ‘benefits’ of such a program will be hard to identify.

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    “Organisations representing nearly every doctor in the UK have united in a single campaign to tackle rising levels of obesity.”

    This opening sentence from the BBC news article speaks volumes about the poor coverage and hopeless bias that afflicts the MSM when it reports health issues.

    It is factually inaccurate in that UK obesity levels are actually pretty flat and have been for some time but what is far worse is its implication that the vast majority of doctors are represented by the activists involved and therefore support the notion that Coca-Cola should not be sponsoring the Olympics.

    Many doctors are members of Royal Colleges, it helps their career development, but unless the Royal Colleges have canvassed their membership on this campaign, it is wrong for them and the media to imply that Terence Stephenson represents the majority of UK doctors.

    People like Stephenson live privileged lives because of their background and their profession. They are respected, never out of work and paid handsomely by the state with an opportunity to generate even more wealth by working privately.

    The Coca-Cola Company produces a best selling product that is less calorific by volume than pure orange juice. It is successful because many people like it. It offers two zero calorie alternatives to its top product and has spent a fortune advertising them. It provides funding that allows athletes from much less privileged backgrounds than Stephenson to come to London and compete in the Olympic Games.

    Some things are more important than medical statistics and the pompous would be politicians that harass us with them. In fact, most things are.

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