1 thought on “Nationalising exam boards: With Conservatives like this, who needs a Jeremy Corbyn?”

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    the other issue is that the pursuit of particular targets and the notion of equivalence between things which are clearly not equivalent leads to distortions and dumbing down. E.g. an excellent practical and vocational qualification (e.g. as once offered by City and Guilds) has to become pseudo-academic and compared with more academic subjects. This leads to the dumbing down of the practical elements of practical subjects and the academic aspects of academic subjects.

    I am amazed how successive ministers at the Dept for Education and Children complain about lack of rigour and yet are clearly not up to the most basic rigorous analysis of problems. Worth looking again at this blog which is an example of an education minister talking absolute and complete rubbish about something she clearly did not bother to investigate: http://www.iea.org.uk/blog/an-all-round-failure-to-understand-education-research

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