2 thoughts on “Is a minimum wage hike really an alternative to high tax credit spending?”

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    There are so many things that can be done to protect those on NWM – even just lowering the costs of food. In the long run a tax reform is needed – we should all still pay tax, but the reform should review the splits of tax.

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    You didn’t mention the fact that if you work 16 hrs a week, this is ‘remarkably’ classified as a full time job.Even though you will not get full tax credit entitlement (below 30 hrs) you can still claim approx. 1/2 of it when you work between these hrs.There are alot of 20 hr, or so, jobs on the employment market at the moment hhhmmmm.If you do another 10 hrs overtime you might be able to claim full tax credits as well.A good incestive for, essentially part time workers to near full time hrs WHEN REQUIRED subsidised by the tax payer.

    Is this flexibility gone mad.If employers want flexibility, they should work out their own schemes.Not use Tax funded schemes to help gain this flexibility.

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