2 thoughts on “How not to lie with pub closure statistics”

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    What a very unpleasant and over-the-top response from the APPG. However at least Mr Mulholland didn’t call Chris a “disingenuous, manipulative, illiberal little sh*t”, which is what he called a constituent in an infamous tweet.
    Tied pubs are surely just a particular form of franchise which is freely entered into. As a tenant, your ability to buy beer is constrained, just as MacDonald’s franchisees have to buy their burgers and buns through the company. The benefit is a relatively low rent. Untied pubs which pay a higher rent have a business model which implies greater risk, as fixed costs constitute a larger part of their expected revenue.

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    The model is potentially very important for people with limited access to capital. Economists who obsess with market failure type models often talk about difficulty of accessing capital markets and when the market solves the problem they complain about too

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