Going nowhere – fast

With severe congestion on the roads, overcrowding on commuter trains and long delays at the hub airport, Britain’s transport system seems to be grinding to a halt. These problems are the direct result of government intervention, including the misallocation of investment in new infrastructure, distortionary taxes and subsidies, and heavy regulation that suffocates entrepreneurship and innovation.

This short ieaTV film argues that the solution is to depoliticise the sector by radically reducing the role of the state and allowing private enterprise to develop roads, railways and airports.

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Director of Creative, Marketing & Development

Glynn Brailsford is the IEA’s Creative Director. He was formerly CEO of Los Angeles-based PROMAX&BDA, a not-for-profit association for marketing and design executives in television. Before that, he was a multi-award winning Creative Director for Channel 5, Discovery, Nickelodeon and Yorkshire Television, where he launched some of Britain’s most successful programmes. He started out in print journalism before moving into radio and TV, where he produced programmes in news, sport, entertainment and politics.

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    Need a version with a Mancunian accent, a Cumbrian accent and a Lancashire accent.

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