2 thoughts on “Big Government, not ‘austerity’, has brought Greece to its knees”

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    Everything that Kristian writes may well be true; but it is hard not to feel some sympathy for the current Greek government. I seem to remember that the rulers of the eurozone chose to ignore the terms of the Stability and Growth Pact when it suited them. In the eurozone if you don’t trust the ‘government’ you can’t throw the rascals out from time to time — all you can do is quit yourself. That is what Greece should now do (and, of course, what the UK should now do with respect to the European Union).

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    > “…the country’s ill-advised admission into the Eurozone flooded it with cheap credit”

    And why did the prudent Eurozone extend such cheap credit to Greece known to it to be unreliable and corrupt? Why did it suspend its better judgement in that particular case?

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