3 thoughts on “Anti-gentrification protests: the economics of coolness”

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    Where does the poor and original tents get pushed off to? What area becomes the new ghetto for the unartistic?

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    The problem we’ve had with high rise apartments in the UK is they’ve been in the wrong locations, and targeted at the wrong people (central planning failure). While London does benefit in many ways from its relatively low skyline, I cannot see how very high quality high rise development in the right areas can be anything but good. It would certainly be better than the inefficient, wasteful and unnecessary development of green sites. The CPRE might agree. What we need is a holistic approach, that treats causes, not symptoms. That means getting an optimally efficient market first BEFORE we de-regulate ie an LVT. This solution would reconcile the desires of both the CPRE and the anti-planning brigade.

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    “It is important to note that anti-gentrification protesters almost never have deep roots in the neighbourhood where they now want to pull up the drawbridge.”

    I think that’s true. But any cause attracts those from outside – much like you are blogging on the subject now.

    I also think you are right about housing supply, although that’s more an observation than a solution. The trouble is that the artists you mention have been faced with inflation-busting rent increases to stay in the area, and artists almost by definition have little money and little power too.

    I know the IEA wouldn’t advocate rent controls. So what message to these iconic artists? Its not enough to stand by and say to people: Well, that’s just the market doing its thing. Because that’s what starts revolutions. It’s currently like a game of Monopoly and someone with money from Mayfair has just bought Whitechapel and built a hotel on it. The other players can pay up for a while but eventually they decide to tip the board over!

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