5 thoughts on “Against subsidised home rule: Why Scotland should pay for its own healthcare”

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    That the author does not know that there are already protocols in place for inter NHS transfers does not engender confidence in her hypothesis

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    Quite obviously this article was written by someone totally divorced from the real World. I won’t bother to point out the very obvious errors, (or lies – take your pick). The reasoning being that any reader who cannot spot them by themselves is far too ignorant, (ignorance not being the same thing as stupid), to appreciate the actual situation.

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    You are clearly not aware that the NHS in Scotland has been Independent since inception over 60 years ago.. The NHS in Scotland has never been devolved from Westminster.

    The fact that Scots general attitudes to alcohol and healthy eating is the major factor in hospital admissions, is clearly also lost on you.

    This isn’t due to the socialist attitudes of the health service, it’s due to diet and poverty.

    Please do your research before belittling the fantastic work that the NHS in Scotland does for the people of Scotland.

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    More neoliberal bullshit.

    Scotland’s health care system is nowhere near as bad as the NHS in England and Wales, which you bunts are currently reducing to a “brand” only with your corporate agenda, why don’t you apply to join USA when Scotland leaves this corrupt Union, and UKIP gets you kicked out of Europe.

    Trains privatised = costs increased to taxpayer
    Water privatised = increased costs to taxpayer
    Energy privatised = increased costs to taxpayer

    See the picture yet ?

    Sure some political troughers will get nice directorships out of it, Orange Book Liberals included, but Randroid philosophy has been shown to be just a lot of horse manure, wake up and get real

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    C minus …………. must try harder.

    NHS Scotland has always been an independent entity since the very beginning ….. and dealing as it does with a population where one in five lives under the poverty line it seems to cope remarkably well.

    But you know ……….. don’t let the actual facts get in the way of an ill-informed muddle will you?

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