2 thoughts on “A Haidtian take on ‘NHS worship’”

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    If you look at the six moral intuitions as survival behaviors that evolved to promote the viability of the group in which they arose, then you can understand the indignation of those who disagree.

    Your interpretation of the best way to survive often runs counter to their interpretation of the best way to survive and therefore trips their moralization switch.

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    Dear Ms. Niemietz:
    I don’t know the debate in the UK, but this sounds quite plausible to me. A hallmark of sanctity thinking is its immunity to utilitarian arguments, and your church analogy captures that. I also agree that the key here is beliefs about capitalism and the market, which are seen as base, degraded, and greedy. I have recently begun to explore why left and right are so divided about capitalism; google “three stories about capitalism.”

    Jon Haidt

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