1 thought on “A false dichotomy: competition vs. integration in the NHS”

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    I see you seek to belittle arguments opposing yours as ‘platitudes’ and ‘fashionable’. This is a rhetorical gimmick unworthy of the subject matter. Platitude’ or not, healthcare, in particular, is too important to be left to the whims of rapacious capital (you see, anyone can do it). This is not an argument about systems. This is a debate about motive and intention. If one is driven by a desire for personal gain then one’s fellow human beings are seen as nothing more than profit centres. The world provides multitudinous examples of how that plays out, eg, donkey meat in pies, inefficient energy oligopolies, exorbitantly priced rail services offering extremely poor service, etc. If one is hungry, to use your example above, one is capable of visiting various food outlets. If one is incapacitated through illness, accident or disease one is not in a position to shop around. The market does not and cannot work in a health economy. Stop this cant you spout.

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