1 thought on “Virtue-signaling is not unique to the left”

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    “As the Confederation of British Industry pointed out last Friday, this does not benefit the UK economy in any way.”
    I suppose it’s reasonable for body with the word Economic in its title to frame its arguments for immigration solely around the economic argument, and one can understand how factory owners are grateful for a plentiful supply of cheap workers. But for most people whose battle to work each morning using our decaying road and transport system takes twice as long as it used to, or a wait to see a doctor now takes up to two weeks, not to mention the social decohesion that results from mass immigration, wonder if it’s all worth it. We all want our economy to prosper but, for most people its not the only thing that matters, nor is it the most important. To put it in terms you may understand; they see plenty of negative externalities, but see little evidence that they have been factored into your calculations.

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