2 thoughts on “The pseudo-economics of preventive care”

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    Refreshing and intriguing analysis. Thank you

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    ‘The WHO further compounds the problem by ignoring the additional costs that will be incurred by those who live longer.’ This is also a failing in the NHS of epidemic proportions (apologies for the hyperbolic use of ‘epidemic’!). I have seen many ‘invest to save’ cases in the NHS. They amount to nothing less than a turf war for resources between clinical disciplines. And because it’s a turf war, the economic arguments are invariably confined to the discipline in question – ‘spend ‘X’ on increasing coverage of this cardiac test to save ‘Y’ on fewer heart attacks.’ They don’t then go on to say, ‘of course, against that saving you have to net off the cost of the cancer and the Alzheimer’s that will eventually get them instead of the heart disease.’ To all intents and purposes, NHS invest to save arguments carry with them the implicit assumption of human immortality!!

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