IEA Internship.

IEA Internship.

The IEA Internship is a temporary, unpaid and voluntary position with commuting expenses covered, which is based in our Operations Team where as an Intern, you will have the opportunity of supporting all aspects of the IEA’s work.

This programme is aimed at all those with an interest in free-market economics who wish to expand their horizon while contributing to the IEA’s objectives. Candidates are expected to be team players who are happy to work on a range of different tasks and possess a good knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Responsibilities may include: 

  • Operations support – conducting mailouts, stocktaking, helping with ad hoc requests from other staff members, and hosting events such as IEA Book Club, webinars, lunches, dinners, or awards ceremonies.
  • Office support – manning the Front Office, providing hospitality experience to the stakeholders, preparing the meetings and interviews, or helping with recruitment.
  • Departmental support – data gathering, briefings, proofreading, summaries, press releases and research projects.
  • Personal research – writing blogs, debating and presenting the topics of your interest to the IEA Staff. You will be supported by senior researchers throughout your time working as an intern.
  • Project management – operating systems such as Kanban and Scrum in real-time. Interns led projects such as the digitalisation of the IEA’s phone system or organising a temporary office.

The goal of this internship is for you to develop and expand your skillset, as well as support the operational functions of the think tank. We will therefore attempt to tailor the internship to your personal interests and ambitions, where this is an option. In particular, you will have the chance to work with all departments and different researchers, depending on your areas of expertise and interest. The internship lasts three months. However, depending on your performance, you will have the possibility of extending your time at the IEA further. The internship will be fully on-site at our office in Westminster, London.

If you wish to apply for the Spring 2024 IEA Internship programme (8th April to 28th June 2024, 12 weeks), you must apply by 11:59 PM 8th March 2024. 

Please address your cover letter to Samuel Cruickshank and fill out this form to apply; Apply here. If you are accepted for an interview, you will be expected to schedule a date and time within one week.

Applicants are also being considered on a rolling basis for other intakes:

  • Summer 2024 IEA Internship Programme (1st July to 20th September 2024, 12 weeks).
  • Autumn 2024 IEA Internship Programme (23rd September to 13th December 2024, 12 weeks).


“The internship at the IEA was an amazing experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. During my time there, I had the opportunity to develop a diverse range of skills such as logistics, blog writing, event planning, and conducting research. It was particularly inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared a passion for economics and policy. I also had the privilege of interacting with influential figures from the House of Lords and the House of Commons, which broadened my perspective on the field. The IEA fostered a welcoming and friendly community, and I am eager to participate in future events and continue building on the valuable experiences gained from the internship.” – Emily Glezer (19), Events Intern in the Spring 2023 IEA Internship programme.