IEA General Internship.


The IEA General Internship Programme is an onsite, 3-month, unpaid position with travel expenses paid for at the IEA Office in the heart of Westminster. You will work 9am-5:30pm and occasionally stay back later for events, both at the IEA and social events for interns.

The IEA General Internship is where you will have the opportunity to work with all departments in the UK’s first and largest Free-Market ThinkTank.

This programme is aimed at those with an interest in Free-Market Economics and Classical Liberal Philosophy who want to expand their horizon while contributing to all aspects of the IEA’s work in achieving our mission, to improve understanding of the fundamental institutions by analysing and expounding the role of markets in solving economic and social problems.

The goal of this internship is to expand and develop a diverse range of skills while supporting the work of a Free-Market ThinkTank. Interns will be encouraged to work in a wide variety of departments and later tailor their internship experience to their own talents and interests. As strong advocates of the entrepreneurial spirit, interns will also have the support of the IEA in pursuing their own projects!

During your time at the IEA, your time will be split between Operations Support, Political and Economic Education, Professional Development and Independent Work.

Applicants must be over the age of 18 and meet one of the following criteria;

      • Enrolled to study at university.
      • Currently studying at university.
      • Recently graduated from university (within 6 months).

Applicants must also be aware that that the IEA does not sponsor visas and you must be able to work in London during the internship. Interns will also have their travel costs reimbursed within the M25, so interns are strongly encouraged to live within London.

Operations support.

Working primarily in the Operations department, interns will gain insight into what it takes to run a ThinkTank. You will operate the reception desk, assist with recruitment of future interns (including interviews), manage stock on the ground floor and assist with running IEA events!

Professional Development.

At the IEA, we want to see our interns go on to achieve their career aspirations and make their mark on the world. While interning at the IEA, interns will be given seminars on Public Speaking, writing the perfect resume, writing a captivating article and learning how to network effectively.

Interns will not just learn about these topics in seminars, but actively practise and receive constructive criticism from IEA staff to build you up to be the best!

As an intern, you will be involved in the following;

      • An organised panel discussion with your fellow interns, debating an issue of your choice.
      • An individual or paired presentation on a topic of your choice.
      • Writing an article for the 1828 blog.

Political and Economic Education.

Interns will learn in detail about what it is the IEA is fighting for, Free-Markets and Classical Liberalism. You will receive 2-3 seminars a week that will teach you about the fundamental concepts of Liberalism and Free-Market economics, before moving into current political issues where these concepts can be applied. Interns are strongly encouraged to express their own views on any topic and engage in passionate debate. At the IEA, we believe all beliefs should be challenged and debated in a calm, rational manner.

Intern Trips.

As an intern, you will also be invited to events just for your group. This is a time to get to know your fellow interns and staff and have some fun while you’re at it! Some of the trips you will go in include;

      • Historic tour of Soho followed by dinner.
      • Drinks and snacks at the National Liberal Club.
      • Tour of Parliament.
      • Viewing of a House of Lords or Commons debate.
      • Dinner with a current Member of Parliament.
      • Historic tour of Putney Cathedral.

Independent work.

During your internship at the IEA, you will be encouraged to engage in your own work. We want our interns to find their true passion put their talents to good use! Perhaps you are a book worm with a fascination for political economy? The Research department may be your place. Maybe you want to help achieve our mission outside the UK? Then the International Relations department is your place to be!

This work includes;

      • Editing and proofreading research papers.
      • Providing research reports for the Research, International Relations, and Communications Departments.
      • Assisting with the management of projects for the Operations team.
      • Optimizing current work pipelines with the Operations team.
      • Management of student databases and events for the Education team.
      • Investigating potential donor prospects for the Development team.
      • Editing and producing media content for the Communications team.
      • Writing articles for the 1828, EPICENTER and IATP blog.

If this sounds like the programme for you, please address your cover letter to Samuel Cruickshank and let us know why you would be a perfect fit for the IEA General Internship Programme!


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Intake Schedule




Start Date End Date Apply by Application Result Date
Winter 15th January 5th April 11th December

18th December


8th April 28th June 8th March

11th March

Summer 1st July 20th September 1st June

10th June

Autumn 23rd September 20th December 23rd August

2nd September

Intern of the Year 2023

Henry Watson

Autumn 2023

I was invited to take part in the IEA’s three-month autumn General Internship programme. The opportunity gave me a valuable insight into the workings of the UK’s original free market think-tank as well as a heuristic education in a number of salient professional skills. Our time was balanced between a range of Education, Communications and Research tasks which were complemented by a series of engaging lectures on both economic and skills focused topics. Most importantly we were encouraged to network and take advantage of the IEA’s busy timetable of events including panel discussions, ‘Food for Thought’ lunches, and IEA Book Club. I am extremely grateful for the time I had at the IEA and the interesting people I met. Undoubtedly, I hope to maintain a connection with all those I worked with at the IEA and to be able to assist the organisation in the pursuit of its goals in future. 

I am now training to qualify as a solicitor though many of the things I learnt at the IEA will prove very useful for my further career.



Tautvydas Galminas

Autumn 2023

My time as an intern at the IEA has been a truly exceptional experience. The structure of the internship really allowed for my participation in a range of exciting events, including discussion panels, lunches, and debates with a number of leading academics, politicians, and businesspeople. Beyond that, the internship also allowed for me to curate my experience in accordance with my own interests and strengths, with each department being much more than willing to mentor and collaborate with me across a whole host of thrilling tasks.

Emily Glezer

Spring 2023

The internship at the IEA was an amazing experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. During my time there, I had the opportunity to develop a diverse range of skills such as logistics, blog writing, event planning, and conducting research. It was particularly inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared a passion for economics and policy. I also had the privilege of interacting with influential figures from the House of Lords and the House of Commons, which broadened my perspective on the field. The IEA fostered a welcoming and friendly community, and I am eager to participate in future events and continue building on the valuable experiences gained from the internship.

Scott Bartram

Winter 2024

I loved my internship at the IEA. I wrote blog articles, planned events, attended social events, toured Parliament, met MPs and peers and other influential figures, and conducted research. It was a privilege to be surrounded by people who taught me so much about how classical liberalism fits together as a philosophy, deepened my passion for it, and better defined by view of it. I finished my time as an intern more confident than ever that I wanted a career in the world of think tanks and policy. I fully intend to keep coming back to IEA events to keep strengthening all the experience, knowledge, and connections I’ve gained from this internship. 

I finished my time as an intern having found a job as a Parliamentary Researcher for an MP, working in Parliament itself on everything from constituency events to policy briefings. It’s thanks to my internship at the IEA that I’ve now started my career in Westminster.