Student Opportunity Fund.

The IEA’s Student Opportunity Fund

Opening new doors and broadening the horizons of young students is one of the main goals of the IEA and remains a fundamental part of the work we do as an educational charity. We identify, educate, and inspire the leaders of tomorrow, operating one of the largest and most comprehensive student outreach programmes of any think tank in Europe. 

Bursary Eligibility

The IEA’s student opportunity fund is an initiative that gives financial help to those students who can’t afford to reap the benefits our programmes offer. It provides grants for travel, food, and accommodation expenses to those who need it so all students – regardless of socioeconomic background – can access our educational programmes.

The Student Opportunity covers:

  • Travel

  • Food

  • Accommodation

How it works

Applicants will be asked to submit an estimate of costs at time of application for Fund support. We encourage applicants to seek the most cost-effective options. We reserve the right to request further information if deemed necessary. We also reserve the right to refuse any claims which seem unreasonable or excessive.

Once costs have been agreed, the first half of the payment will be made on the first day of the programme, and the second half on the last day if the programme has been successfully completed. Payment will made to the bank account identified at time of application. Requests for cash payments and/or reimbursement at more regular intervals will be considered in exceptional circumstances. Failure to complete the programme will result in non-payment of expenses in almost all cases.