The Economics of Law



A critical examination of the fair trade movement


The latest title in the popular annual series which surveys issues in the field of utility regulation and competition policy

An accessible overview of the economic approach to law, introducing cost-benefit analysis, public choice theory and property rights perspectives.
Economic analysis is increasingly being applied beyond its traditional precincts of the marketplace and the economy. One area where this has happened is in the economic approach to law: the application of economic theory (mostly price theory) and statistical methods to examine the formation, structure, processes and impact of the law and legal institutions.

In this new and revised edition of The Economics of Law , Cento Veljanovski provides an introduction to, and overview of, the economic analysis of law.

The book shows the importance of economic analysis to legal theory and practice, and provides a reliable introduction to property rights, cost-benefit analysis, public choice theory and other economic approaches, set in the context of the study of the law.

The Economics of Law will be essential reading for scholars and students in law and economics as well as related disciplines.

2006, Hobart Papers 157, ISBN 978 0 255 36561 1, 179pp, PB

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