Taming Leviathan: Waging the War of Ideas Around the World



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Thirteen authors examine how think tanks can influence public policy
In the last fifty years, many aspects of socialism have been rolled back around the world. Indeed, in the 1990s, following the collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe, it seemed as if classical liberal ideas had triumphed. But this did not happen by accident. The role of free-market think tanks was critical. This volume draws on the experiences of thirteen authors involved in classical liberal think tanks in different parts of the world. The contributors identify the strategies that have proved successful in influencing the public policy and explain how they can be adapted to local circumstances.

Indeed, though the ‘war of ideas’ has been hard fought, it has been only partially won. New threats to freedom have emerged, including environmentalism and big-government conservatism. In some countries the burden taxation and regulation has never been greater. Taming Leviathan is essential reading for anyone involved in the battle against resurgent collectivism.


1. Introduction by Colleen Dyble, Atlas Economic Research Foundation (USA)

2. A little bit of (intellectual) entrepreneurship goes a long way by Greg Lindsay, Centre for Independent Studies (Australia)

3. Brazil: a contrast of ideas by Margaret Tse, Instituto Liberdade (Brazil)

4. If it matters, measure it by Michael Walker, Fraser Institute (Canada)

5. The battle of ideas in Chile: the case of Libertad y Desarrollo by Cristián Larroulet, Libertad y Desarrollo (Chile)

6. University Francisco Marroquín: a model for winning liberty by Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., University Francisco Marroquín(Guatemala)

7. Awakening a slumbering elephant: CCS in India by Parth J. Shah, Centre for Civil Society (India)

8. An Israeli think tank – its challenges and discontents by Daniel Doron, Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress (Israel)

9. IBL: bringing the market back to Italy by Alberto Mingardi, Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italy)

10. Opening taxpayers’ eyes: an uphill battle against taxation in Japan by Masaru Uchiyama, Japanese for Tax Reform (Japan)

11. A short story of the free market triumphing: between the two unions by Elena Leontjeva, Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lithuania)

12. Fighting for economic sanity by Alexander R. Magno, Foundation for Economic Freedom (Philippines)

13. The war of ideas: thoughts from South Africa by Leon Louw, Free Market Foundation of Southern Africa (South Africa)

14. How the Association for Liberal Thinking is changing the climate of opinion in Turkey by
Atilla Yayla, Association for Liberal Thinking (Turkey)

2008, Occasional Paper 142, ISBN 978 0 255 36607 6, 181pp, PB

See also:

Waging the War of Ideas by John Blundell.

The Road to Serfdom (with The Intellectuals and Socialism) by Friedrich von Hayek.

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