Regulating Utilities New Issues, New Solutions



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Every year the Institute of Economic Affairs and the London Business School publish a volume of essays about Britain’s system of utility regulation, with additional discussion of regulation in other countries. The book is a must for those interested in regulation, because it is an up-to-date review of the major issues in the field and it includes the views of the sector regulators and the general competition authorities.
Two papers are presented on each issue: the first by a distinguished academic or other expert and the second, a shorter comment, usually by the relevant regulator.

Contents include:

Colin Mayer, ‘Water: the 1999 price review’
David Llewellyn, ‘Alternative approaches to financial regulation’
George Yarrow, ‘Competition Act assessments and economic efficiency’
Ralph Turvey, ‘NETA and transmission’
Martin Cave and Luigi Prosperetti, ‘The future of European communications regulation’
Ian Jones, ‘Railway franchising’ – draft available online
David Starkie, ‘A new deal for airports?’ – draft available online
Catherine Waddams Price, ‘Gas: regulatory response to social needs’ – draft available online
Dan Goyder, ‘The Competition Commission’

2001, ISBN 978 0 255 36490 4, 232pp, PB