Money, Prices and the Real Economy (web version)



The latest title in the popular annual series which surveys issues in the field of utility regulation and competition policy

Markets and Morality

A new perspective on how Christians should approach issues of public policy

Published by the IEA in association with Edward Elgar
Money, Prices and the Real Economy was first published in 1998, but the analysis in the book is timeless and highly relevant today. The IEA has published a web version particularly for students and scholars. The book can still be purchased from Edward Elgar .

The contents of the book are:

Geoffrey E. Wood

1. What is money?
Allan H. Meltzer

2. The long-run relationship between money and prices
Forrest H. Capie

3. Why financial stability depends on price stability
Anna J. Schwartz

4. Monetary regimes and economic performance: lessons from history
Michael D. Bordo

5. Choice of target for monetary policy
Bennett T. McCallum

6. Money and interest rates
Geoffrey E. Wood

7. Money and real output
Robert H. Rasche

8. Designing the post-modern bank safety net: lessons from developed and developing economies
Charles W. Calomiris


Please note that on this web version, on some computers, reproduction of parts of the file may be slightly distorted in some places.

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