Ideas, Interests and Consequences


Government and Institutions

A new book examing the decline of liberty under New Labour


An analysis of how the profit motive drove competition and therefore improvements in the Swedish education system

A minor classic from the late 1980s, this favourite from the IEA’s back catalogue offers timeless insight.

Do ideas affect policies, and how? This is the subject addressed by six scholars spanning economics, history and political science. As governments increasingly embrace market reforms, an important question is how this transformation has come about.

Ideas, Interests and Consequences explores these themes and seeks to identify the forces that change political attitudes and policy.

Foreword by Cento Veljanovski
Ideas and interests in British Economic Policy by Andrew Gamble
How ideas affect societies: is Britain the wave of the future? by Mancur Olson
Ideas and interests: the problem reconsidered by Norman Barry
Economic scholarship and political interest: IEA thinking and government policies by Arthur Seldon
The political economy of policy formation: the case of England by R M Hartwell
On ideas and interests by Andrew Melnyk

1989, IEA Reading 30, ISBN 0-255 36224-2, 134pp

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