The EU has failed to uphold property rights in Slovenia

In the sixteenth IEA Discussion Paper, Dr Ljubo Sirc CBE, Founder President of the Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies, examines the rule of law in the central and eastern European countries that recently joined the EU.

Using Slovenia as a case study, Sirc provides evidence that both the European Commission and the European Court of Human Rights have largely ignored the failure to enforce private property rights – in particular the failure to implement restitution and denationalisation legislation. Consequently, old communist managers still control a high proportion of Slovene capital.

More alarming still is the revelation that the Slovenian judiciary is dominated by communist-totalitarian judges. These individuals, along with communists from other accession countries, may gain increasing influence within EU institutions.

Sirc concludes the paper by restating the importance of the rule of law and private property rights to the creation of wealth through market processes.

2007, Discussion Paper 16

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