Why Globalization Works


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Frank Furedi explains the essential contribution of intellectuals both to culture and to democracy.


Radical solutions need to be sought to get people off welfare and back into work

SECOND EDITION. The Associate Editor of the Financial Times presents a passionate and persuasive defence of economic integration

A bestseller in hardback, this book offers a powerful defence of the global market economy. Martin Wolf explains how globalization works, critiques the charges against it, argues that the biggest obstacle to global economic progress has been the failure not of the market but of governments, and offers a realistic scenario for economic internationalism in the post 9/11 age. For this paperback edition, Wolf provides a new introduction to update the debate.

‘No one has summarised more coherently the recent, voluminous research…Elegantly and persuasively, Wolf marshals the facts.’

Niall Ferguson, The Sunday Telegraph

‘Wolf provides not just a devastating intellectual critique of the opponents of globalization, but a civilised, wise and optimistic view of our economic and political future. It is vital that his message be widely read and understood.’

Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England

‘Let this splendid book on globalization be the last for a while: it will not be bettered soon. “Why Globalization Works”, is the fullest and most sophisticated treatment to date of the case for globalization. All the topics he addresses…have been addressed elsewhere, but never before with such depth of thinking, and in one place. The definitive treatment of the subject, and an absorbing read for anybody with an appetite for moderate intellectual exertion.’

The Economist