The Virtues of Capitalism


Economic Theory

A major new collection in the field of Austrian economics from the leading Spanish scholar Jesus Huerta De Soto

Economic Theory

In this all-time classic, Thomas Sowell, explores how the opinions of the liberal elite have informed social policy over the last thirty years with disastrous consequences

The first volume of The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon

The Virtues of Capitalism lays the foundation of Seldon’s views and theories of capitalism. The first part, Corrigible Capitalism; Incorrigible Socialism , was first published in 1980. It explains why, Seldon believes, “private enterprise is imperfect but redeemable,” but the “state economy promises the earth, and ends in coercion to conceal its incurable failure.”

The second part, Capitalism , is widely considered to be Seldon’s finest work. Originally published in 1990, it is the winner of the 1991 Antony Fisher Award from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. This book covers the range of classical liberal thought that inspired the movement toward free-market reforms in Britain and intellectually opposed the collectivist post-war tide. In an eloquent manner, Seldon offers Capitalism as a celebration rather than a defence of classical liberalism.

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