Scrap the BBC!


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Scrap the BBC!: Ten Years To Set Broadcasters Free is a lively but carefully-researched demolition of the case for state broadcasting in the UK. Uniquely, it pulls together economic and cultural arguments against continuing with the 1926 charter arrangements and proposes a range of voluntary and commercial opportunities to replace them.

‘There’s nothing special about the BBC or broadcasting in general which requires them to be specially supported or specially controlled’ , says Richard D North. The licence fee is inequitable and broadcast journalism inadequate.

Come and hear why Charles Moore called this a ‘provocative’ book whose arguments attracted him. (The Daily Telegraph , 13 January 2007.)

Richard D North is an author, web-master, pamphleteer and broadcasters’ pundit who now blogs regularly on the arts for the Social Affairs Unit. As The Independent’s first environment correspondent he was perhaps the first mainstream journalist to challenge green fundamentalism (1986-1990).

He has also contributed to the “Happiness” debate ( Rich is Beautiful SAU, 2005) whilst his Mr Blair’s Messiah Politics: The legacy of an inspired politician will (spring 2007) update his 2006 account of the PM’s manipulative loftiness.