Profiles in Liberty: The Life and Thought of F A Hayek


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A member of the Scottish Parliament offers a means to improve devolution which would reduce taxes and increase accountability

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A very personal defence of mass affluence

A beautifully produced DVD which explores the life and work of F A Hayek

Produced by Liberty Fund Inc, this hour-long documentary presents an introduction to the life and work of F A Hayek through interviews with leading scholars, archive footage, and a selection of other material including several interviews with Hayek himself.

The DVD covers the entirety of Hayek’s life and career, from his first years in pre-war Austria, through his time at the LSE and the University of Chicago, his position in Freiburg and later his receipt of the Nobel Prize and semi-retirement. It looks at each of his major publications in turn, providing an accessible overview of each and putting them into their wider historical context.

Peppered with interviews with a number of high profile scholars, the DVD also includes excerpts of several archive interviews with Hayek.

This wonderful DVD is an excellent introduction to the work of F A Hayek and snapshot of his life and times.

2003, Produced by Liberty Fund Inc.
Running Time: 1hr, 22min
Please note that is a Region 2 DVD and may not play outside the EU.

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