Peter Bauer and the Economics of Prosperity


Government and Institutions

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Government and Institutions

A new book examing the decline of liberty under New Labour

A collection of essays that explores the contribution of the development economist Peter Bauer.

Peter Bauer was an unlikely revolutionary, yet he inspired a revolution in development economics. In an environment dominated by a poverty of clear economic thought, Bauer built his theories of economic prosperity. He fought to free the poor from the tyranny of poverty. With the recent spread of anti-market, anti-trade, and anti-migration movements in many parts of the world, it is important that we take a fresh look at the way Bauer exposed the fallacies behind these protest movements. He showed them to be anti-poor and anti-people, and to be exacerbating global poverty. This volume is an attempt towards helping in introducing the ideas of Peter Bauer to a new generation of readers.

2010, Published by the Cato Institute and the Liberty Institute, ISBN 978 81 7 188775 0, 192pp, PB

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