On The Road to Democracy


Monetary Policy

A new edition of this popular title, which is already a modern classic


A new book which explores how the current system of secondary education is not fit for purpose

The President of the Czech Republic presents his thoughts on economic and political reform

Václav Klaus is president of the Czech Republic having previously held the positions of Finance Minister and Prime Minister. It was while in these positions in government that Klaus played a major part in the one of the most far-reaching and comprehensive transitions of a post-communist state. This book brings together twelve of Klaus’ public lectures and offers unique insight into his remarkable achievements.


Chapter I: The Challenges of the Post-Communist Era

Chapter 2: The Economics of Transition

Chapter 3: Europe and Its integration

Chapter 4: Reflections on the World

‘Václav Klaus is that rare politician who has a deep understanding of and belief in the principles of a free private enterprise economy. First, as prime minister and now as president, he has played a major role in the successful transition of the Czech Republic from communism to freedom.’ Milton Friedman

‘A remarkable collection of essays written during arguably the most remarkable decade of the 20th century, when communism fell throughout the Soviet Empire, and was replaced by free and market orientated nations.’ Gary Becker