Just Business


Monetary Policy

A fascinating look at the history and development of the investment banking industry

Monetary Policy

A major contribution to the continuing debate on macro-economic policy making from one of the UK's leading scholars. New Paperback Edition.

Just Business' is a major publication exploring issues in business ethics and corporate governance

Just Business provides the first comprehensive, reasoned framework for resolving questions of business ethics and corporate governance. Innovative, accessible and global in scope, its powerful Ethical Decision Model can be used to manage the ethical problems of business as they arise in all their complexity and variety.

Just Business combines business realism with philosophical rigour, and demonstrates that it is not necessary either to emasculate or to adulterate business for business to be ethical.

‘The arrival of a new book on business ethics that has something valuable to say is such a rare event as to be worth celebrating… The volume in question is Just Business… Just Business explains many business issues usually shrouded in mysticism and emotive language… companies would be more profitable, the gross national product higher, and standards of behaviour better in a country where every manager read Just Business and took it to heart.’ Sir Samuel Brittan, The Financial Times

‘Just Business is clear, readable and witty… it may become a standard text before long… deserves to be read by everyone with an interest in business ethics, whether teacher, student or business professional.’ Philosophical Quarterly

2000, 1994, Published by Oxford University Press, ISBN 978 019 829663 8, 302pp, PB

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