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Gambling, the state and the market (Volume 31.1)



How the 'grassroots' movement has got it totally wrong


How the market could solve this most controversial of issues

How the myths surrounding gambling prevent it being liberated for economic gain
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Main Articles

Gambling, the state and the market by Chris Brady (editorial)
Prometheus Bound: releasing the chains on pari-mutuel gambling by Brian Sturgess
The social benefits of gambling by Patrick Basham and John Luik
It is time to reconsider UK gambling policy by Gary Loveman
The politics of casino gambling by Marc W. Etches
After the Great Recession: the future of casino gaming in America and Europe by William R. Eadington
Gambling and regulation: why there is nothing to fear from liberalisation by Mark Littlewood
The roots of modern ‘social cost of gambling estimates’ by Douglas M. Walker and Shannon M. Kelly

Other articles

In a word or two, placed in the middle: the invisible hand in Smith’s tomes by Daniel B. Klein and Brandon Lucas
Adam Smith and the role of the metaphor of an invisible hand by Gavin Kennedy
A comment on the centrality of the invisible hand by Craig Smith
A comment on the centrality of the invisible hand by Ryan Hanley
Milton Friedman on the ineffectiveness of fiscal policy by Tim Congdon
International migration: a case against building ever-higher fences by Piotr Zientara
Using Web 2.0 to share knowledge of construction safety: the fable of economic animals by Rita Yi Man Li and Sun Wah Poon
An analysis of the welfare cuts in the Comprehensive Spending Review and the Budget 2010 by Kristian Niemietz
Responsibility and capability by Peter King
The impossibility of the ‘ladder of investment’ approach to regulation by Fernando Herrera-González and Luis Castejón-Martin
Tobacco display-bans: a global failure by Patrick Basham and John Luik
Lack of rigour in defending Fairtrade: a rejoinder to Alistair Smith by Peter Griffiths

Economic Viewpoints

When paternalism meets bogus economics: the New Economics Foundation’s 21 hours report by Kristian Niemietz
The economist Mohammed Ibn Abdullah (570-632) by Benedikt Koehler
Developing a new paradigm for UK foreign aid by Thomas Fisher
Broadcasting licence fee settlements in the UK and Germany by Christian Potschka
Are official poverty statistics necessary? by Kristian Niemietz
Reservations about the ‘Nudge’ philosophy by Philip Booth
Britain too sanguine on minimum wage by Karthik Reddy (sample article)
The case for a community transaction engine: getting Coase for the twenty-first century by Wingham Rowan
Development through fair trade: candour or deception? by Paul Stoddart


‘Money Printing’ in the modern banking system by Tim Congdon
Twenty-first century illiberalism and the crisis by Razeen Sally
Higher education and government subsidies by James Stanfield
Aid agencies turning a blind eye to stolen drugs by Roger Bate
The coalition:plus ça change by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

Student and Teacher Supplement