Economic Affairs

The State of Welfare (Volume 19.3)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on Assurance and Trust, edited by Colin Robinson

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Reforming Dock Labour Schemes, guest edited by Nicholas Finney

Main articles on The State of Welfare, guest edited by David G Green. Normal Price £5.00, Sale Price £1.00. The sample article is on the State Second Pension.
Main articles

The State of Welfare by David G. Green
A new contract for welfare: partnership in pensions by Deborah Cooper
The reform of housing benefit by Peter King
After the windfall: the new deal at work by John Philpott
Sex and the state: will Supporting Families help or harm the family? by Norman Dennis and George Erdos
Getting Wisconsin to work by Jean Rogers
The Angel of the North: Bob Holman and neighbourhood groups by Robert Whelan

Other articles

In honour of Arthur Seldon by Martin Ricketts,
The British economy: the way forward by Sir James Ball Laissez-Faire and the institutions of the free-market by G R Steele


The US trade deficit: strength or weakness? by Tim Congdon
Should health care be rationed? David G. Green
A meeting of educational entrepreneurs by James Tooley
Press Release, non-science by Roger Bate
Controlling prices controls inflation by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book reviews by

David Parker
Sir Alan Peacock
Martin Howe
Tad Rybczynski
John Blundell
Nicola Tynan
Anja Kluver

Published by Blackwell Publishers, Oxford for the Institute of Economic Affairs