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The Political Economy of Protectionism (Volume 31.3)


Labour Market

How entrepreneurship will drive economic growth


Why it won't work and will damage the economy

Why neo-mercantilism is on the rise and why the principles of free trade must be defended 31.3 Student-Teacher supplement.pdf
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Main Articles
The Political Economy of Protectionism by Stephen Davies (editorial)
Do subsidies justify retaliatory protectionism? by Donald J. Boudreaux
The new neo-mercantilism: currency manipulation as a form of protectionism by Paul F. Cwik
Why are trade barriers so low? by Christopher S.P. Magee
Trade, mercantilism and nation-building by Stephen Davies

Other articles
UK Uncut unravelled by Tim Worstall
Schooling for money: Swedish education reform and the role of the profit motive by Gabriel H. Sahlgren
Towards sound monetary institutions by Dalibor Rohac
Capitalism, socialism and calculation by Brent Butgereit and Art Carden (sample article)

Economic Viewpoints
Public choice theory and House of Lords reform by Stephen Michael MacLean
The Bishop of Brentwood, migrants, the market and the pursuit of gain by Philip Booth
War and liberty: wisdom from Leonard E. Read and F.A. ‘Baldy’ Harper by Christopher J. Coyne and Nicholas A. Snow
In praise of ideological openness by Daniel B. Klein
An alternative strategic defence and security review: reconstituting a shrinking force by Edward Longinotti

US fiscal stimulus has failed by Tim Congdon
Liberty outside the West by Razeen Sally
Impact investment in education by James Stanfield
EU gets a taste of its own medicine by Roger Bate
Accountable and responsive government: the value of earmarked taxation by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

Student and Teacher Supplement