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The Economics of Population Growth (Volume 32.1)


Housing and Planning

Government’s timid reform will not solve chronic housing affordability problems


New fiscal rules needed to control government spending Affairs 32.1 Student sup.pdf
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Main Articles
The economics of population growth by Dermot Grenham (Editorial)
The benefits of migration by Michele Binci
Population and the economy during the demographic transition by David Reher
Looking towards 2030: a new world coming into focus by Nicholas N. Eberstadt
The demographic divide: retrospect and prospect by Richard Eastwood and Michael Lipton
The burden of durable asset acquisition in growing populations by Jane N. O’Sullivan

Other Articles
Inter-city bus services in Canada – time for deregulation by Vincent Geloso
Sir Waldron Smithers and the long walk to Finchley by Andrew Farrant and Nicola Tynan
Price effects of shopping hour regulation: evidence from Germany by Karthik Reddy
Trade policy and protectionism in Argentina by Andres Gallo

Economic viewpoints
Countering the assault on capitalism by Fred L. Smith Jr
Keynes, Keynsianism and Krugman by G.R. Steele
Problems of public higher education in the USA – causes and consequences by William Murchison and Svetozar Pejovich
Credit default swaps – weapons of mass destruction or reliable indicators? by Dennis Sebastian Klieber
Lessons for temperature limits from the US debt ceiling debates by S. Niggol Seo

Bank recapitalisation could endanger the economy by Tim Congdon
The global economy in 2012 by Razeen Sally
The UN and profit motive in education by James Stanfield
Britain’s high green taxes by Roger Bate
The Calculus of Consent at 50 years by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

Student and Teacher Supplement