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Housing for the Poor: The Role of Government (Volume 28.2)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on demography and pensions

Economic Affairs

Leading authorities, including Oliver E. Williamson, discuss the New Institutional Economics

Main articles on social housing, with an education supplement on the Pupil Premium
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Main articles

Housing for the poor: the role of government by Peter King ( editorial )
British social housing and the voluntary sector by Robert Whelan
Policies in the united states to provide housing assistance to low-income households by Ronald D. Utt
Urbanisation and informality in Africa’s housing markets by Karol Boudreaux
Low-income housing in Indian cities: some considerations
for policy
by Zainab Bawa and Parth J. Shah
Competition and social housing in Europe by Michael Oxley, Marja Elsinga, Marietta Haffner and Harry van der Heijden
No choice: reforming social housing in England by Peter King

Other articles

Vouchers and school choice: the evidence by Greg Forster ( sample article )
An ethical assessment of the use of economic sanctions as a tool of foreign policy by Charles A. Rarick and Martine Duchatelet
The global imbalances: what is the problem? by Max Corden
Comments on ‘The Global Imbalances: What is the problem?’ by Martin Wolf

Economic viewpoints

Buying local is not necessarily green by Andrew Lilico
High cotton: why the United States should not provide subsidies to cotton farmers by Madeline Helling, Scott Beaulier and Joshua Hall
Friedrich Hayek: the complete economist by G. R. Steele
The most important book on the most important topic of our day: a review of After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy, by Christopher J. Coyne by Peter Boettke

Economic viewpoints supplement: the Pupil Premium

Editorial by Philip Booth
Free marketeers should support student-centred funding by Greg Forster
An idea whose time has come by Paul Marshall
Can the Pupil Premium work? by Sam Freedman
Has anybody thought about the costs? by Andrew Haldenby
Premia post-16: not so easy? by Alison Wolf
Comment on the pupil premium by David Laws
Comment on the pupil premium by Michael Gove


Should the Bank of England exist? by Tim Congdon
The political economy of policy reform: the developing-country experience by Razeen Sally
Another hole in the wall by James Stanfield
Free trade improves your health by Roger Bate
Are the Liberal Democrats the party of liberty? by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews