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Healthcare: State Failure (Volume 28.4)


Economic Affairs

Leading authorities, including Oliver E. Williamson, discuss the New Institutional Economics

Economic Affairs

PPPs may offer poor value for money

Main articles on government healthcare provision in different countries
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Main articles

Healthcare: State Failure (editorial) by Tim Evans and Helen Evans
NHS as state failure: lessons from the reality of nationalised healthcare by Helen Evans
Realities of health policy in North America: government is the problem, not the solution by Brett J. Skinner
Challenges of mixed-economy solutions in healthcare: the examples of Switzerland and Singapore by Pierre Bessard
Rise of the therapeutic state: new challenges for twenty-first-century medicine by Tim Evans
The overtaking of the politicians: a libertarian reflects on the state of the British healthcare debate by Brian Micklethwait

Other articles

Freeholds and freedom: the importance of private property in promoting and securing liberty (sample article) by Paul Johnson
Testing times for central banks – is there room for Austrian ideas at the top table? by Anthony J. Evans and Toby Baxendale
The economic science fiction of climate change: a free-market perspective on the Stern Review and the IPCC by Graham Dawson
Economic progress and climate change issues: a dissenting viewpoint by David Henderson
The importance of solo patrol in policing a liberal society: a response to John Blundell by Roy Bailey
Economic effects of smoking bans on restaurants and pubs by Barrie Craven and Michael L. Marlow
Employment of older workers in Poland: issues and policy implications by Piotr Zientara
Pension reform, political pressure and public choice – the case of France by Laura Thompson

Economic viewpoints

Market failure: a failed paradigm by Philip Booth
Banking on socialism by Terry Arthur
Inflation: plus ca change by G. R. Steele
An appeal to reason: a cool look at global warming by Nigel Lawson


‘Golden rules’ are not made to be broken by Tim Congdon
Globalisation and social democracy by Razeen Sally
Crowding out in education by James Stanfield
A dangerous eurohazard by Roger Bate
‘Green’ school provides a lesson in wasting resources by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews