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Environmental policy – private choice or public choice? (Volume 31.2)


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Big steps to a smaller state

How government failure is producing often counter-productive policy
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Main Articles
Environmental policy – private choice or public choice? by Richard Wellings (editorial)
Climate politics, strategic behaviour, hold-outs, free riders and rent-seekers by Gordon L. Brady
Copenhagen, Cancún and the limits of global welfare economics by David Campbell and Matthias Klaes
Community conservation in Namibia: empowering the poor with property rights by Karol Boudreaux and Fred Nelson
The implementation of the Forest Rights Act in India: critical issues by Debnarayan Sarker
Charters, partnerships and natural resources: two cases of endogenous regulation in Italy by Claudio Tagliapietra

Other articles
How did Paul Krugman get it so wrong? by John H. Cochrane
Commodity market regulation after financial crisis: a comparative approach by Renee E. Pirrong
The Portuguese malaise: structural causes of the crisis and lessons for the eurozone by André Azevedo Alves
The EU/IMF rescue programme for Ireland: 2010-2013 by Sean D. Barrett (sample article)
Control policies to combat the health risks from smoking and passive smoking by Jeannie Cameron, Barrie M. Craven and Michael L. Marlow
Financial globalisation: past and present by Dilip K. Das
Innovation, competition and antitrust: an examination of the Intel case by Luca Mazzone and Alberto Mingardi
Economic recessions, banking reform and the future of capitalism by Jesús Huerta de Soto
Europe – how can things get better? by Charlie McCreevy
Comment on the 2010 Wincott Lecture, ‘Europe: how can things get better?’ by Roland Vaubel
On the deliberate centrality of an invisible hand: reply to Gavin Kennedy, Ryan Hanley and Craig Smith by Daniel B. Klein and Brandon Lucas

Economic Viewpoints
Female entrepreneurship in early Islam by Benedikt Koehler
Against Leviathan: a review of Classical Liberalism in the 21st Century: Essays in Honour of Norman P. Barry by Dennis O’Keeffe
Contemporary philosophical support for Hayekian limits to economic modelling by Bryan A. Williamson

Naïve attacks on quantitative easing should be ignored by Tim Congdon
China in the Big Three by Razeen Sally
Richard Cobden on education by James Stanfield
Are drugs made in emerging markets good quality? by Roger Bate
Must government fear the boom and bust? by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

Student and Teacher Supplement