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New report debunks the idea that Thatcher deregulated financial services

Economic Theory

New research debunks the myth that high taxes and a large welfare state are responsible for the success of the Nordic region June 2015 editorial - Intro.pdf
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  • Introduction (Pages 167 – 168) by J. R. Shackleton

  • The 2014 Harold Wincott Memorial Lecture: Africa: New Opportunities, Old Impediments (Pages 169 – 177) by Paul Collier

  • Educational Development in South Sudan: Conscious Design or Spontaneous Order? (Pages 178 – 196) by David Longfield

  • Sources of Public Revenue that Make Nations Richer (Pages 197 – 214) by T. Nicolaus Tideman and Florenz Plassmann

  • Wilhelm Ropke and Richard C. Koo on Secondary Deflations and Balance Sheet Recessions (Pages 215 – 224) by Andreas Hardhaug Olsen

  • The European Union’s Proposed Equality and Data Protection Rules: An Existential Problem for Insurers? (Pages 225 – 239) by Paul MacDonnell

  • Interpreting Voluntary Exchange: markets, Speech Acts and Communicative Action (Pages 240 – 255) by Graham Dawson

  • Marketing by Controlling Social Discourse: The Fairtrade Case (Pages 256 – 271) by Peter Griffiths

  • Adaptation to Global Warming as an Optimal Transition Process to a Greenhouse World (Pages 272 – 285) by S. Niggol Seo

  • Discussion: Comparing Real GDP Across Countries: The Issue Revisited (Pages 286 – 298) by David Henderson

  • Discussion: A New Regulatory Paradigm for Over-the-Counter Oil Forward Contracts (Pages 299 – 306) by Gustave Laurent

  • Review Article: The Australian Economy and Economic Policy During and After the Mining Boom (Pages 307 – 317)

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