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Economic Affairs (Vol 35.1)



Liberalising the transport sector will offer huge benefits


Government action is responsible for overcrowding on trains and the heavy cost the taxpayer
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  • Introduction (Pages 1–2) by J. R. Shackleton

  • Regulating Work: Measuring the Scope and Burden of Occupational Licensure Among Low- and Moderate-Income Occupations in the United States (Pages 3–20) by Dick M. Carpenter II, Lisa Knepper, Angela C. Erickson and John K. Ross

  • In Praise of Expansionary Fiscal Contraction (Pages 21–34) by Tim Congdon

  • The True Meaning of ‘Social Justice’: A Catholic View of Hayek (Pages 35–51) by Martin Rhonheimer

  • Muhammad’s Conception of Property as A Bundle of Rights (Pages 52–59) by Benedikt Koehler

  • Investment and Growth: The Impact of Britain’s Post-War Trunk Roads Programme (Pages 60–74) by David Starkie

  • Is It Time to Revisit the Savings Rate Floor in the ECCU? (Pages 75–92) by Allister Mounsey and D. Tracy Polius

  • Internal Markets, Management by Targets, and Quasi-Markets: An Analysis of Health Care Reforms in the English NHS (Pages 93–108) by Kristian Niemietz

  • Adverse Selection, Gresham’s Law and State Regulation (Pages 109–122) by Martin Ricketts

  • Can Development Aid Help Promote Foreign Direct Investment? Evidence from Central Asia (Pages 123–136) by Annageldy Arazmuradov

  • Discussion: What Do Recent Trends in Economic Freedom of the World Really Tell Us? (Pages 138–150) by Ryan H. Murphy

  • Review Article: The Social Order of the Underworld: What Goes On in Us Prisons Should Worry the UK (Pages 152–160) by Vicky Pryce

  • Review: Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism – By Benedikt Koehler (Pages 161–163) by Jaafar El-Murad

  • Review: Inequality and the 1% – By Danny Dorling (Pages 163–165) by Kristian Niemietz

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