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Economic Theory

A revival of the importance of classical economic theory


The current state pension system risks under-delivering for future generations and overstretching the public purse the swedish welfare state - sample article.pdf
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  • Introduction (page 127) by J. R. Shackleton

  • The British Approach to Privatisation (pages129 – 138) by D. R. Myddelton

  • Privatising Pensions in the UK: How to Restore Contracting Out (pages 139 – 155) by Philip Booth and Kristian Niemietz

  • Evolutionary Approaches to Privatisation (pages 156 – 170) by Paul Ormerod

  • Does Privatisation Contribute to the Performance of a Health Care System? (Pages 171 – 180) by Peter Zweifel

  • Privatising the Swedish Welfare State (pages 181 – 195) by Karen Svanborg-Sjövall

  • Handing over the School Keys: The Impact of Privatisation on Education Quality (pages 196 – 212) by Gabriel Heller Sahlgren

  • Economic Concentration in the Start-up Nation: Is Privatisation to Blame? (Pages 213 – 223) by Yarden Gazit and Robert. M. Sauer

  • Change your Prison, Change your Outcomes, Change your Community (pages 224 – 237) by Guy Opperman

  • Privatisation in the EU Energy Sector: The Never-ending Story (pages 238 – 254) by Carlo Stagnaro

  • The Privatisation of the UK Railway Industry: An Experiment in Railway Structure (pages 255 – 269) by Richard Wellings

  • Privatisation Failure and Failure to Privatise: The Slovene Example (pages 270 – 281) by Jure Stojan

  • Commentaries are provided by André Azevedo Alves, Žiga Andoljšek, Juan Castañeda,

  • Stephen Davies, Gia Jandieri, Yauheni Preiherman and J. R. Shackleton

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