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  • Introduction (page 1) by J. R. Shackleton

  • Merging National Insurance Contributions and Income Tax: Lessons of History (pages 2–13) by Alan Peacock and George Peden

  • Can Government Intervention in Childcare be Justified? (pages 14–34) by Gillian Paull

  • Australia’s Carbon Tax: An Economic Evaluation (pages 35–45) by Alex Robson

  • The Contribution and Intellectual Legacy of Ronald Coase (1910–2013) (pages 46–58) by Martin Ricketts

  • The Paradoxes and Pitfalls of Revived Fiscal Activism (pages 59–67) by Anthony J. Makin

  • The Media’s Role in Influencing Perceptions of Housing Values and the Resulting Impact on the Macroeconomy (pages 68–77) by John McCollough and Komal Karani

  • Privatisation of the Royal Mail: Third Time Lucky? (pages 78–84) by David Parker

  • Discussion: Voluntary Unemployment and the UK Social Policy Literature (pages 85–91) by Andrew Dunn

  • Discussion: The Purpose of Inflation (pages 92–100) by Pete Comley

  • Discussion: The Cult of Mathematical Modelling in Financial Markets: Was the Gaussian Copula to Blame for the Crisis? (pages 101–103) by Anandadeep Mandal

  • Review Article: Margaret Remembered (pages 104–111) by John Blundell

  • Book reviews (pages 112-126)

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