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Economic Affairs (Vol 33.2)



Harm reduction is a better strategy than prohibition
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  • Introduction (page 155) by J.R. Shackleton

  • The Unintended Consequences of Italy’s Labour Laws: How Extensive Labour Regulation Distorts the Italian Economy (pages 156-173) by Matthew Melchiorre and Emilio Rocca

  • The Economics of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol (pages 174-189) by Barrie M. Craven, Michael L. Marlow and Alden F. Shiers

  • Government Time Discounting and Required Rates of Return: UK History and Current Issues (pages 190-206) by Michael Spackman

  • Media, Education and Corruption: Investigating the Associations (pages 207-219) by Nabamita Dutta and Sanjukta Roy

  • No Plan B: But is There a ‘Third Way’? (pages 220-231) by Kent Matthews

  • Challenging The Spirit Level: Is There Really a Relationship between Inequality and Obesity? (pages 232-245) by Darshan Zala

  • Does the Lisbon Treaty Effectively Limit the Power of the European Union? (page 246-256) by Emilie Ciclet

  • Discussion: The UK Productivity Puzzle – Or Is It? (pages 257-262) by J.R. Sargent

  • Discussion: Friedman versus Hayek on Private Outside Monies: Comment (pages 263-264) by I. Harry David

  • Discussion: Ethical Misconduct and the Global Financial Crisis: Comment and Rejoinder (pages 265-267) by Richard Dean, Elaine Sternberg

  • Review Article: Preindustrial Cliometrics (pages 268-278) by Mark Koyama

  • Book Reviews (pages 279-285)

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