Main articles on Competition Policy, guest edited by George Yarrow

Main articles:

Competition Policy: its purposes and scope by George Yarrow
The Competition Commission Inquiry into SME Banking by Peter Freeman
The Enterprise Act: Aspects of the New Regime by Derek Morris
Innovation, price competition and the ’tilt’ of competition policy by Irwin M. Stelzer
Competition law and commodity markets: the case fo wholesale electricity by Chris Decker and Tim Keyworth

Other articles:

When is Britain’s tax-fredom day? by David B. Smith
Your dog owns your house by Anthony de Jasay
Abolish the antidumping laws by Robert W. McGee
Harmful tax competition? by Richard Teather
Rent-seeking valuing Tullock’s rejects by Gordon L. Brady


To understand cycles, we need to understand banks by Tim Congdon
Vouchers and for-profil education, Swedish style by James Tooley
When perfection is the enemy of the good by Julian Morris
Water wars by Roger Bate

Book reviews:

Mark Pennington
Philip Booth
Elaine Sternberg
Paul Ormerod
Sven Folkesson
Ilya Shapiro
Norman Barry