Economic Affairs

Competition Policy (Volume 22.4)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on The Economics of Crime , guest edited by Peter Wynarczyk

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Tax Reform and Simplification, guest edited by D.R. Myddelton

Main articles on Competition Policy, guest edited by George Yarrow

Main articles:

Competition Policy: its purposes and scope by George Yarrow
The Competition Commission Inquiry into SME Banking by Peter Freeman
The Enterprise Act: Aspects of the New Regime by Derek Morris
Innovation, price competition and the ’tilt’ of competition policy by Irwin M. Stelzer
Competition law and commodity markets: the case fo wholesale electricity by Chris Decker and Tim Keyworth

Other articles:

When is Britain’s tax-fredom day? by David B. Smith
Your dog owns your house by Anthony de Jasay
Abolish the antidumping laws by Robert W. McGee
Harmful tax competition? by Richard Teather
Rent-seeking valuing Tullock’s rejects by Gordon L. Brady


To understand cycles, we need to understand banks by Tim Congdon
Vouchers and for-profil education, Swedish style by James Tooley
When perfection is the enemy of the good by Julian Morris
Water wars by Roger Bate

Book reviews:

Mark Pennington
Philip Booth
Elaine Sternberg
Paul Ormerod
Sven Folkesson
Ilya Shapiro
Norman Barry