Who Decides Who Decides?


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The dangers of too much government power

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A new book which suggests that discrimination is not causing the gender pay gap

A new book on health care which advocates greater choice and competition to improve performance and patient care.

Who Decides Who Decides? makes the case for ‘ordinary’ people to get the health and social care which the state has promised them for over 60 years but which has not been delivered.

• What is the case for choice?
• How can choice be made real for the individual?
• What impact can genuine, individually financially-empowered choice have on effective funding, purchasing, delivery, and outcomes?
• How can a genuine market grow and thrive?
• How can the quest for choice include the large numbers of NHS and social care staff on whom success depends?

The book urges individual financial empowerment, through a life-long health savings account for all NHS and social services.

‘John Spiers has the gift of presenting complex ideas clearly. This makes this book a challenging offering to current public policy debates.’ Professor Michael Connolly, University of Glamorgan

‘A wonderful read. As John Spiers shows in this sprightly,erudite, concise book, when you ask the right questions, you get the right answers. He asks what a patient-centred health care system should look like and comes up with novel and pragmatic answers.’ Professor Regina E Herzlinger, Harvard Business School

2008, Published by Radcliffe Publishing in association with the IEA
ISBN 978 1 846 19276 0, 272pp, PB

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