Utility Regulation and Competition Policy


Economic Theory

One of Britain's leading economic historians offers new insights on the UK's recent economic revival

The 2002 edition of the IEA's series in conjunction with the London Business School about the state of UK utility regulation

This book is a collection of papers from the Beesley Lecture series on regulation held jointly by the IEA and the London Business School in the autumn of 2000. The chapters in this volume are revised versions of the papers given in the series and they are, as usual, followed by comments made by the chairman; the chairman in most cases being the regulator.


The new electricity trading arrangements in England and Wales: A review by David Currie

Chairman’s comments by Callum McCarthy

A critique of rail regulation by Dieter Helm

Chairman’s comments by Tom Winsor

Moving to a competitive market in water by Colin Robinson

Chairman’s comments by Sir Ian Byatt

The new gas trading arrangements by George Yarrow

Chairman’s comments by Eileen Marshall

A review of privatisation and regulation experience in the UK by Irwin Stelzer

Chairman’s comments by Stephen Littlechild

Converging communications: implications for regulation
by Mark Armstrong

Chairman’s comments by David Edmonds

Opening electricity and gas markets by Graham Shuttleworth

Chairman’s comments by Clare Spottiswoode

Concurrency or convergence? Competition and regulation the Competition Act 1998 by Tom Sharpe QC

Chairman’s comments by Geoffrey Horton

Ten years of European merger control by Paul Seabright

Chairman’s comments by Derek Morris