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With a foreword by Lord Howe of Aberavon.

When Lord Harris died in October 2006 at the age of 81, the tributes to him described him as one of the ‘men who changed Britain’. Friends and opponents alike acknowledged that Ralph, in his role as the General Director of the IEA and in partnership with his friend Arthur Seldon, had been instrumental in providing the ideas and the intellectual entrepreneurship that the sparked the ‘Thatcher revolution’ of the 1980s, transforming the British economy from one of the worst performers among the developed countries to one of the best.

This book selects from Ralph’s considerable opus, revealing that economics need not always be a ‘dismal science’. Economic analysis was, in the hands of Ralph Harris, deployed to great effect in plain language and with a wit and wisdom that made it fun.

Colin Robinson’s introduction places Ralph Harris’ work in context and provides an invaluable insight into the author’s beliefs and personality.

2008, Published by Edward Elgar in association with the IEA

ISBN 978 0 255 36621 2, 344pp, PB

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