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The latest edition of Nigel Lawson's controversial bestseller which provides a trenchant critique of climate change policy

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The second edition of Fred Harrison's prescient book about a looming property crash

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34 academics, journalists and farmers correct a series of myths about country life.

There is a minority in Britain today which is not on the usual list. It is country people, those who work, live, and enjoy themselves in the countryside. As with some other minorities such as women, some country people are very rich. But they also include those with the lowest wages and most arduous jobs. So miserable are some country people that they have some of the highest suicide rates in the population.

Country peoples jobs and livelihoods are currently threatened and so is their culture including their traditional leisure pursuits. The threats come from four overlapping sources: activits who have found new enemies in the countryside to let them carry on campaigning with the old ideological causes gone, sentimentalists who know little of the countryside but think it is a convenient park for them to visit at weekends, modernisers who hate the countryside because it is old fashioned, and regulators who believe they know better than country people how to manage the countryside. The reality of country life is quite different from the ideas about it entertained by these urban people. The true country is in fact Another Country .