Plantation Agriculture: Cure or Curse?

With the poor moving away from subsistence farming and the world population predicted to increase from 7 billion to 9.3 billion by 2050, investment in commercial agriculture has never been more vital.

In this panel discussion, Keith Boyfield – author of the IEA report Commercial Agriculture: Cure or Curse? Malaysian and African Experience Contrasted – demonstrates the importance of palm oil as a potential solution to escalating global demand for foodstuffs and ever-escalating food prices.

Also taking part are Brian Sturgess, of the Journal of World Economics, Chris Brett, Senior VP, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Olam, and, from Malaysia, Tan Sri Dr Alfred Jabu, chairman of the small farmers’ association of Sarawak.

In this absorbing session, they examine the opportunities and challenges of plantation agriculture – and compare and contrast the fortunes of commercial agriculture in Malaysia and West Africa.