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Vape Tax Would Penalise Those Quitting Smoking


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Matthew Lesh quoted in Guido Fawkes


Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Mail

Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Sun

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been quoted in The Sun responding to reports that the government is considering implementing a new tax on e-cigarette liquid in the upcoming Budget.

Christopher said:

“The government’s approach to vaping has become an incoherent mess.

“It says it wants to clamp down on disposable vapes and yet it is going to tax refillable e-cigarette liquid. It is giving away e-cigarettes for free with its Swap to Stop scheme while making vaping less affordable for those who are prepared to pay.

“It says it wants to lower the tax burden but seems happy to tax smoking cessation.”

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Christopher’s response was also quoted in City AM and LadBible

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