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The Simple Solution to the Housing Crisis

Kristian Niemietz writes for The Telegraph

IEA Editorial Director Kristian Niemietz has written for The Daily Telegraph discussing his new report Home Win, written from a possible future in which Britain has solved its housing crisis.

Kristian wrote:

“Britain’s inability to build anything is the single biggest drag on our living standards. Britain’s homes are significantly smaller, fewer in number, and more expensive than those in the EU and other developed countries. The same goes for offices, retail outlets, hotels, and science labs, as well as infrastructure. These self-imposed constraints are impoverishing the country in so many different ways. 

“In my new report Home Win: What if Britain Solved its Housing Crisis?, published today by the Institute of Economic Affairs, I spell out what Britain would look like if we simply did what everyone who has ever studied the subject knows needs to be done. What if Britain broke free from the stranglehold of NIMBY obstructionists, and started building things again?

“The short summary is that Britain would not just become a much richer and more productive country than in currently is. It would also be a politically less polarised, a less angry country, which is more at ease with itself. It would be a better place to live in virtually every way. What’s stopping us?”

Read Kristian’s full piece here.

Read a full copy of Home Win: What if Britain Solved its Housing Crisis?.

The paper received coverage on Times Radio and talkTV, and in The Intermediary, The Yorkshire Times, The Lancashire Times, and Headline Money.