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The sea breeze attracts retirees


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Christopher Snowdon featured in The Racing Post

Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Telegraph

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been quoted in The Telegraph responding to data showing that nine of the 10 areas with the greatest number of residents aged above 100, are coastal.

Christopher said:

“While there must be some health benefits from breathing a fresh sea breeze, the most likely explanation for the greater density of old people on the coast is that they go there when they retire,” he said.

“Since not everyone can afford to do this, the elderly populations found on the coast are likely to be wealthier on average, and we know that rich people tend to live longer than poor people.

“There are also a lot of centenarians in places such Harrogate and the Cotswolds, which are landlocked but affluent.”

Read the full piece here.